This is why we fight… (Plus COVID-19 resources)


First and foremost, I hope you are all staying safe and sound at home if you can. For those workers out there in essential businesses, I thank you for your bravery and grit in these trying times.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has swept across the globe, there have been many implications on people form all walks of life. Whether it be an overwhelming fear being a high risk individual, or being an anxious busy body like myself who is climbing the walls at home; We are all in this together! Especially us in the TS community who may be coming under suspicion due to coughing tics or are dealing with the strain of comorbidities.

I wanted to be sure that before I dig into the reason behind this blog that I directed anyone who needs it to this wonderful resource page set up by the Tourettes Association of America. There are webinars related to the TS community related to COVID-19, as well as ID cards that you can carry with you to help those around you quiet their fears and educate them about what it is to have Tourettes. You can find these tings and more here:

COVID-19 Resources for Tourette Syndrome

With that said, the reason for this blog is related to the wealth of information we are seeing spread about this virus through all forms of media.

I am sure you have all seen a post or two that made you shake your head and think “Who on earth really believes that is true?” The amount of fraudulent information out there is baffling and disheartening because whether we believe it or not, there are people out there who will take it as gospel. They then will spread this information to friends and family who will do so to their kin and so on. For as frustrating as it is, I am starting to see the how and why behind the continued misinformation and stereotypes that have been formed about Tourettes.

Coronavirus is going through now what we with Tourettes have been going through for DECADES!

All it takes is one person to spread misinformation at a rate faster than any virus. This has all reminded me of why I fight so hard for Tourette’s awareness, and why our job will truly never be done.

There will always be misinformed individuals in the world who spread false narratives, and not always with malice. The more we make our voices heard, the less impactful and shorter journey those fallacies will travel before they are corrected.

I felt this was an important message to share because if you didn’t believe that awareness was important before, we are seeing firsthand evidence that it is now. The fight for truth is more important than ever. I urge you to join in.

2 thoughts on “This is why we fight… (Plus COVID-19 resources)

    1. My anxiety is driving me up a wall. I’m such a busy body and being stuck at home has made that, and my tics worse. It seemed to settle some today. It’s definately been an adjustment

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