The river and the rocks


Once again thank you all for coming back after a long delay. As I mentioned before, I do not wish to blog just to say I stayed on a schedule. I want these posts to read as genuine as they are informative and conjuring up fake emotion or going through the motions isn’t productive for readers or this cause.

Without further ado, let’s get into this post’s topic.

It’s kind of crazy how the brain can correlate two unrelated things, isn’t it? Things that have little to no meaning to someone else might move you to tears such as a song or movie. Or maybe even a smell. It’s completely unrelated, but it brings up something that you can’t help but feel.

So, what am I getting at here? I’m getting at my brains ability to relate things to TS that are completely unrelated. In particular; Large rocks in a river.

So often I see people discussing “tic attacks” or the defeating feeling of a rough tic day on social forums. It got me thinking about how unpredictable these events can be, and how it seems like TS is a constant flow of motion that suddenly bumps into something and devolves into a tailspin before going back to its normal motion. It instantly reminded me of a river.

Tourette’s is the current that flows along our surface as individuals. In my case, it is often consistent, and I can maneuver beneath it without too much issue.

And then that river hits a large rock. It spins around and around and pulls me off my desired path, making me choose to go one way or another to try and find some sort of tranquility again. Whether we are dealing with a tic attack, or having a rough day with TS in general, it can often cause us to have to make a choice such as to isolate, miss out on time with friends and loved ones, or to medicate until we get around the rock and are able to maneuver at a normal pace and direction.

Not to mention the ability for something external to cause the river to rise or race. Stress can be like the rain that makes it harder to keep not only tics, but other comorbidities down. Even in my case, stark silence can act as the wind and cause my tic patterns to change direction as I become more self-consciousness.

However, your river ebbs and flows, it’s important to remember that what comes around, often goes right back out around. Much like nature, there is no way of truly knowing how TS will affect us on any given day. We do our best to predict it and prepare, but like most of life, it is full of surprises. It sure makes you cherish the sunshine a whole lot more, doesn’t it?

Thanks again for sticking around, and I hope you are all having an outrageously good 2020!

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