My TS Christmas wish list

As always, I want to start with thanking all of you who have supported this blog and cause! Without you, this whole movement would fade away into dead air.

So, I didn’t do a thanksgiving themed post because I’m just not that clever, but I did want to do one for Christmas! If I decided to break out some fancy Christmas paper and a pen and write a letter to the north pole, this would be what it’d look like;

Dear Tourette’s Santa (I mean, it could be a thing.)

As an adult with TS, I do not write to you for material things. However, there are a few things that money can’t buy or create, and I was hoping you could work your Santa magic to make the following happen:

1: Not to feel guilty for not wanting to be touched/social etc. There are day’s where everything hurts because of tics and I don’t want even want to be hugged. There are days where being touched almost always sets off a physical tic and I feel horrible enough without feeling guilty as well. I’m not proposing to never be shown affection of course, but I am proposing that when I do not respond favorably that I be given some basic understanding.

2: For the love of pizza, can these celebrities stop using Tourette’s as a punch line? I feel like in the age of the internet this is even more unacceptable. A 5 second search will turn up that TS is not just the “Swearing disease”. Besides, it’s inappropriate to use any illness as a way to insult someone if I’m being honest.

3: For anyone who has been cast out or bullied for their TS to find the strength to love themselves through it.

4: OK, this last one is probably asking for A LOT, but if we could get a new form of medication directly for TS that doesn’t have god awful side effects…that’d be great. I had heard the rumors of medications being almost unbearable for many patients who tried them but always held out hope that this was over dramatized. This year when i began to seek out medications for TS, I found that hope shattered. I’m not going to go so far as to ask for a cure. TS is part of my being and I would probably be a little lost without it being there. But…a medication to at least help shut it down so people can at least live a somewhat normal life without trading in their mental capabilities, body weight, etc. only seems fair.

So, whats on your TS wish list? I’d love to hear from you all!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday, and a happy new year!

7 thoughts on “My TS Christmas wish list

  1. For the love of pizza? I’ve tried two meds for TS. one was a nightmare and the other works well for my TS AND OCD. It’s true, there are no meds specifically for TS but some of them work nonetheless. I could be worthwhile to block out a few months to give a few a try. As for TS being part of who you are, I get that. I don’t think any medication is going to make you tic-free, and even if you were, you’d still have TS.

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    1. I’m currently on clonidine but it took trials before i got here, and clonidine doesn’t work for everyone.

      P.s. for the love of pizza usually gives people a giggle. I wanted to keep it light.

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      1. Clonidine was my nightmare drug. I’m on a Facebook TS page and everyone always asks for advice on meds. It really bugs me. Reactions to medication is as unique as DNA.


      2. Same! I see that a lot and i can only speak for myself and my trials. But i do see many people going through terrible strife effects before they find one that isn’t too disruptive. Itd be nice to have a universal option just for TS that didn’t have such high rates of terrible effect.

        P.s. topamax was my nightmare. Brain fog and taste issues. I couldnt hang. Id rather tic than the way i felt on that

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